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Moltopera cooperation with JMI

Three young singers of the Moltopera Company - Renáta Göncz, Judit Bercsényi and István Handó - represented Hungary in Don Giovanni of the Junge Oper Shloss Weikersheim.

The performance (director: Dominik Wilgenbus, conductor: Bruno Weil) was produced by the Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland, the Jeunesses Musicales Hungary and the Moltopera Company. The opening night was on the 25th July, after a one-month rehearsal-period. The first night was followed by 10 full house performances, so the opera has been seen by almost 10 000 person altogether. The show - which was presented in the garden of the castle of Werkensheim - was a real international production, because there were German, Hungarian, Croatian, Norwegian and also Dutch artists in the company. The German organisers of the performance asked especially the Moltopera Company to cooperate. The Moltopera - after an open casting - chose the three most suitable singers for the choir work. The project was really successful; the German partners have already started to discuss abut further cooperation with Moltopera.


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