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In the Saxon State Parliament (photogallery)


Second man in the state, Mr. Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert Bundestagspräsident (President of the German Parliament) also liked our concert. (Photos of Peter Henning)


On 12 May 2014 Moltopera participated a really extraordinary event: the Republic of Poland awarded Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. habil. Matthias Theodor Vogt German historician, musicologist, the founder and director of Institut für kulturelle Infrastruktur Sachsen (IKS) - and also a very important supporter of the Moltopera Germany - with the Order of Merit. We payed our respect to him with a short concert in the State Parliament of Saxony in Dresden in front of international excellencies.



András Emszt, Renáta Burghardt, Renáta Göncz, László Ágoston and Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert, President of the German Parliament


Our programme of Hungarian composers started with Serenade of the puppet (Paprika Jancsi szerenádja)  from Ferenc Farkas, performed by Renáta Göncz (accompained by András Emszt), then came Zoltán Kodály's Dudanóta - a really Hungarian-like, virtuoso song to rise our audience's blood-pressure a bit. Our short greeting ended with a premiére: our friend and permanent member, Viktor Magyaróvári (aka Kayamar) composed a duett for this occasion on the poem of Attila József titled Gyönyörűt láttam. Beside the extraordinary expreience and the recognitions we also gathered a few concert invitation for the future to company events and saloon-concerts, as well. This is how are week started but yet to came the challenge to convince hundreds of German students about opera - to be continued...


 Mr. Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. habil. Matthias Theodor Vogt's speech



The auditory after the rehearsals



Renáta Göncz 



Dudanóta - pure Hungarian virtue


Landtag DD 12Mai14 028

"Gyönyörűt láttam" - Viktor Magyaróvári's piece on the poem of Attila József (Renáta Göncz and László Ágoston)


 Landtag DD 12Mai14 059

Nils Matthiesen (leader of Moltopera Germany), Renáta Göncz, László Ágoston, András Emszt, Renáta Burghardt and Sarah Schubert (Moltopera Germany)