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Multi-award winning pianist accompains at Sziget Festival


Beacuse of the absence of their permanent members Marcell Szabó pianist is pinch-hitting for Moltopera in the Sziget Festival.


I. prize in the 6th International Béla Bartók Piano Competition Szeged, III. prize in the  XXXIII. International Piano Competition Delia Steinberg Madrid, I. prize in thei XVI. Ile de France International Piano Competition Paris - awards just from the last six months from Marcell Szabó's career. After the permanent accompanists can not participate the Sziget Festival, he helped out Moltopera gladly.

"We have been friends for a great while so I'm happy to perform with them. Personally I prefer "serene" classical music, but we have to open to the new audiences, even to the loud world of rock festivals. It's going to be unusual for many reason - mainly as I have to accompany, but I really do beleive that people who will join us between two punk-rock concert with a beer in their hands are also a very precious audience and we can show something interesting enough to convince them to come also next day."

Moltopera will perform in the Fidelio Kulturzóna from 19.40 every night, right before the programme of the Hungarian State Opera.