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Debut at the State Opera

Moltopera has debuted at Hungarian State Opera on the 23rd of November.

Crowded house waited Moltopera for their debut in the Operahouse's new concert venue, the Royal Staircase, some were even standing during the performance. Movabvle "cubes" equipped with remote controlled colourful lights symbolized the island of lonelyness and moving picures projected to the antique mirror made the performance even more extraordinary. The young musicians were also succesful to turn a vis maior to their advance: the General Director of Moltopera (László Ágoston) covered succesfully Zoltán Gradsach, who should have played Enrico, one of the main charatcters but due to an unfortunate illness had to cancel just one day before the premiére. 

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Moltopera - A lakatlan sziget



Haydn: L'isola disabitata (The desert island)

Director  Zsófi Geréb
Assistant director  Dóra Pozsgai

Set designer  Virág Pázmány
Assistant set designer Angeles Parrinello
Costume designer Szilvia Nagy

Conductor Csaba Tőri

Silvia  Renáta Göncz
Costanza  Eszter Balogh
Enrico László Ágoston
Gernando  József Csapó
Moderator  László Ágoston

The performance came into existence with the cooperation of Moltopera, the University of Theatre and Film Arts and Hungarian State Opera.

Piano  András Emszt
and the ensemle of Musica Florens (Szilvia Andriska, Bea Belovári, Zsuzsanna Jakab, Ágota Szilágyi and Andor Jobbágy).