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Moltopera in the school


Moltopera places huge emphasis on its three-level educational programme (for young at the age of 6-10; 10-14; and over 14) giving lectures in renowned universities or even giving special classes in schools. Our lecturers László Ágoston (28) and Csaba Tőri (27) are both very experienced members of Moltopera. László is not only a lecturer in our programme for young at age over 14 but also a very talented opera singer, Csaba despite his young age works as a teacher at the Fazekas Mihály Primary and Secondary School and also give lectures in the Bartók Béla Conservatory.

Our programme for young at age over 14 is a series of five lectures, in which we aim to demonstrate that this everlasting genre can still provide a living and fascinating experience today. For the lectures we only require a beemer and a loudspeaker. We have given lectures in universities like the Eötvös Loránd University, the Semmelweis University, the Corvinus University of Budapest or the University of Applied Sciences, in primary schools, in the CSOPA at the request of the Da Vinci learning programme, and also in Germany. Lecturer: Moltopera’s General Manager, Singer.

For the 10-14 year old youth we recommend our Moltopera Matinee programme. Our goals is to give only a little taste of opera with shortened pieces and also commentary. We perform this with live music, but without direction, so we can always adapt the programme to the varying audience.

We invite the youngest (6-10) audience to our 10-lecture-long series, in which we show different (classical) pieces about animal themes. In every lecture we bring an instrument and a musician, and we also teach new songs, which we use in various interactive ways during the 45 minutes long lecture. These lectures are not based on each other, so they can be seen independently. Lecturer: Csaba Tőri and invited instrumentalist.